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The 20th Anniversary

DKS Event

The world’s premier DK event is set to celebrate it’s biggest event yet
with the 20th Anniversary DKS competition.

A number of past winners, international competitors and
some of Australia’s best DK talent will battle it out at home of body boarding,
Port Macquarie, NSW on Saturday, August 6th 2022.


Friday 5th & Saturday 6th August 2022

Meet at Breakwall, Town Beach 6:00am Friday morning for the call on event location.

Port Macquarie

New South Wales, Australia

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With event registrations closed, DKS 2022 is set to be the biggest event in history.
64 competitors are now locked in to battle it out for the most prestigious Dropknee Bodyboarding competition in the world.

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Dropknee Sessions (DKS) was founded off an idea back in 2001 by contest organiser and former World Tour Judge, and DK enthusiast Clayton Pickworth.

The concept was simple, a collective approach from the best Dropknee riders in the country, who banded together to create a better competion format and time frame for dropknee contests. This format allows the competition to be held in the most favourable waves and conditions as possible. Unlike the conditions in previous tour contests.

In 2002, the first DKS event was held at town beach, Port Macquarie, hosting a massive 48 riders, the most the one day event could take to fit the format. The event instantly drew a worldwide audience and competitors came from as far as Japan, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand, Mainland USA, Canary Islands, South Africa and even a competitor from Israel!

DKS has had a rich and prestigious history, and quickly became the premier Dropknee body boarding competition in the world.